• Melissa Sheridan

At-Home During a Pandemic: Our Life in Photos

Ah, wow, 2020, you sure are shaping up to be an interesting year.

I will admit that I started this year thinking it would be the best. I have high hopes for my business, specifically in my services for weddings. I was getting in a good routine of the gym, my oldest daughter loving her first pre-k program, and just generally feeling like Charlottesville is finally our "home" after nine months of living here. And then this virus hit. Just a few weeks ago, I was planning a mom's-night-out with my neighbor girlfriends. We were supposed to go out today. Three weeks ago, I never would have thought our lives would be shaped into what they are today. At first, I was honestly not upset about it at all. Okay, I said. We can stay in, it's fine, I like being home and I didn't have much going on anyway. Which is true most of the time. I am homebody through and through, introverted, and love being on my computer to edit and just do my thing anyway.

At first I said, Well, at least I'm not having to cancel or postpone my wedding like some of the weddings I was supposed to shoot in April. At least we didn't have a Disney World trip planned or some big European vacation.

But we did have plans, like any normal person. My daughter planned to finish her first year of preschool that she'll never go back to now. Both my daughter's birthdays are in April and their party was supposed to be Easter weekend, now cancelled. And just as the weather is getting nicer, it seems cruel to say "stay inside."

Overall, my family and I are doing well. I've postponed an family and newborn sessions I had scheduled for March and April and will reassess as time goes on. While I am sad to not be shooting my lovely clients now, I am glad to be using this time for some personal projects, my own personal photography being part of it.

It makes me happy to have these little moments in our time right now frozen forever and use my creativity in a different way than usual without any pressure. I haven't been picking up my camera as much at home, so this was refreshing.

Stay safe, friends.

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