• Melissa Sheridan

MSP Maternity Client Closet

I have a collection of high-end dresses for use for maternity and newborn clients. All dresses below are mine and are available for MSP clients only. Most are technically a "maternity dress" but can also be worn for studio newborn photos too. Many of them are a "one size" type of dress. I know this worries a lot of people that it won't fit them right, but I assure you they fit lots of body types. I'm always expanding my client closet, so if none of these are your style, let me know what you're looking for and I may be able to add it to my collection.

Tan long trained dress - beautiful for "dress tossing" as seen below

Baby pink lace open front dress (can be worn closed and does require nude/pink underwear that will show some)

Blue fold over neck dress

White Lacey top dress

Blue silky ribbed empire waist dress - worn non-maternity here but definitely has room for a belly

Black strapless mermaid flare skirt dress

Mustard dress

Green velvet long trained dress

Dark green long sleeved empire waist long trained dress

Maroon red long trained dress - sleeves can be worn off or on shoulders

The same dress but with an overskirt added for two looks in one

If I sent you this page and you're deciding on a dress to use for your session, just copy and paste the bolded name and send to me and I'll know what you're talking about :) Melissa


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