• Melissa Sheridan

My 31st Birthday Photo Session

So the backstory to this photo shoot is that I wanted to do it a year ago when I was 30. I wanted to do the full on cheesy "adult cake smash" with a tutu and a sign and cake and champagne. The whole silly deal. Because really, why not? Why take life so seriously?

However, on my actual birthday last year I was flying home from shooting a wedding in Oregon. And I arrived to my entire family sick with a stomach bug. So basically had to rescue them asap. Then a few days later, our movers showed up, we moved into a hotel, and we moved from Hawaii to Tennessee temporarily until we got to Virginia. It was a whirlwind to say the least. So a photo shoot was just something that fell through the cracks at that time for me. I'm so glad I made it a priority this year though. And that I got it done way earlier than my actual birthday, because if I had waited I wouldn't be doing it with Coronavirus lockdown going on!

These photos are courtesy the lovely and very talented Laura Richards. Editing by yours truly.

Fun fact: it's also my "golden birthday" because I'm 31 on the 31st. I've waited for this birthday since I was like 7 and found out what golden birthdays were and thought it was so cool. Well, here I am! lol.

I am really grateful for where I am today, even despite what's going on in the world right now. I love my business with my whole heart, I have healthy happy kids, and love our simple family life here in Charlottesville.

When this is over, I can't wait to get a margarita and some Mexican food with my friends to properly celebrate. Hope you're hanging in there! xo Melissa


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