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Posed Newborn Versus Lifestyle Newborn | Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

I specialize in newborn photography and have two different offerings for these sessions. This post is to show you the differences, pros, and cons of each session and discover which one is right for your family to book with me.

"Posed newborn" is the first session type, which takes place in my in-home studio. This session primarily focuses on baby in beautiful poses either in small props (think baskets or miniature beds) or poses on a bean bag with a large smooth fabric backdrop on it. Family and sibling photos are also captured in these sessions, but the main focus is the baby. Other photographers may refer to these as studio newborn sessions.

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your own home with minimal staging. It is a lifestyle session, which is captured documentary style with little direction from me - think you holding baby while sitting on your bed or in her nursery, nursing baby, a sibling holding baby, all of you on the couch, etc. Some shots are to capture just baby, but the main focus is the family as a whole. Posing of the baby and props like buckets, etc. are not part of lifestyle sessions.

These sessions are great for first babies - you just became parents, you may have just set up a beautiful nursery that you want showcased. It's also great for subsequent babies of large families. It's less about just one new baby, but the family expanding as a whole.

Let's talk about each session type individually so we can discover the pros and cons of each.

Posed Newborn Sessions

Posed newborn sessions are a beautiful artful way to preserve your newborn baby at their tiniest.

The way I capture posed newborn sessions is what I call fine art portraiture. You will receive high quality timeless images that you can showcase in your home for years to come.

Pros of posed newborn sessions:

  • You don't have to clean your house - you come to me and leave the mess with me!

  • Each session is custom styled to your liking. You will get beautiful unique images that focus on all the babies tiny details in an artful way. Use of my exclusive prop collection is available with all newborn sessions in the studio. I have everything from tiny hearts for them to hold to headbands and bow ties.

  • You don't have to be in photos. Posed sessions can include just baby alone or baby and a sibling if you're not into parent shots - although, I do always recommend them ;) But if you truly are camera shy or just want to focus on the baby, a posed newborn session would be for you.

  • You get to relax and let me do all the work. I have a comfy seating area and toys for siblings in my studio. I really try to make the session a break for parents and deal with the baby as much as I can, minus feeding them if they're breastfed.

Cons of posed newborn sessions:

  • You have to come to me. If you're not directly located in Charlottesville, you may have to factor in drive time from your location. You have to actually get out of the house and get ready with a new baby and possibly other family members included in the session.

  • Posed newborn sessions are lengthy. 3 hours is the average time it takes for me to capture enough shots and change set ups between baby's feedings and calming them if necessary.

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are a simple but relaxed way to capture your growing family. They take place in your home within the first month or so of birth. Baby is usually in normal clothing and/or swaddled for these.

Minimal props are used. The session goal is to capture the connection between you and your new baby and your beautiful family.

Pros of lifestyle sessions:

  • You're in the comfort of your own home. I come to you, show up, the session happens within no more than 90 minutes and you go about your day. Easy peasy.

  • Your toddler or other children (husband?) may be more comfortable in this setting.

  • You get photos in the place you raise your children and call home. It's as personal as it gets. You can showcase your child's nursery or hang out on your favorite couch.

Cons of lifestyle sessions:

  • You have to clean your house, or at least get stuff out of the way while you still have a new baby.

  • You have to get photo ready just weeks after having a baby. Not impossible, but just something to think about.

  • No "classic" or nude posed images. I can do some light posing on a chair or something you already have in the house. But the posing is more baby-led and not traditional like you might see of some other images in my portfolio.

On average, I find I do a bit more posed sessions than lifestyle, but I see lifestyle sessions becoming more of a trend and a bit more "in" and timeless for people. You don't have to have a Pinterest perfect home by any means to do a lifestyle session, but if you don't love the looks of your decor or home, it's easy to have a posed session instead. I have a couch and queen size bed in the studio to do some lifestyle like shots on so you still get the same look, just not in your house.

I personally think both session types are beautiful and am always happy to book either. I hope this post was informative and if you were on the fence about which type of session you want, I hope this helped clarify any questions and help you decide!

To book your newborn session with Melissa Sheridan Photography, please inquire here. Newborn sessions fill quickly and I can only accommodate so many per month. It's best to inquire in your 2nd trimester to make sure I have availability. However, if your baby is already born, it never hurts to see if I have an opening.

xo Melissa

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