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Bri & Neil's Raven's Roost Engagement Session | Virginia Couples Photographer

Updated: Mar 17

I met Bri and Neil through our church in Ruckersville - Legacy. You should totally check them out! Bri is also a photographer and does amazing family work, so check her out!

So spoiler alert - Neil and Bri are already married. I was looking to expand my portfolio to feature more actual engagement sessions or engagement-inspired photos. Bri said her and Neil hadn't been photographed since they moved to Virginia two years ago. They're both adventurous, mountain loving people, so heading up to Raven's Roost was so "them," and it was on my bucket list to capture a couple up here since I'd only done family sessions here before. This is one of the most photographed spots in Central Virginia, very picturesque along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We met up here one day for a photo swap. I took these of her and hubby and she (attempted) to take some of my accidentally very muddy family! And believe it or not, it was about 30 degrees up here this day in February! Ahhh! The only times I've been to this location is has been COLD, even in the fall. I imagine this would be an epic summer spot, especially for a sunrise session! #hearteyes Although they have been married about 3 years, my goodness, #marriagegoals people. Do they not look like they are still totally smitten with each other?!?! I think that's because THEY ARE! I love it!

Needless to say, they were a dream to work with!

Although Raven's Roost Outlook isn't super close to Charlottesville (it's about 45-60 mins depending on where you're coming from), it is SO worth the drive and very easy to get to too. No climbing or hiking involved! I'm always down to go here, whether for a family or couples session!

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